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The 2021 Maine Lobster Festival has been cancelled due to COVID-19. We hope to see you August 3-7, 2022.

The Bert and I Maine Story Swap at This Year’s Maine Lobster Festival

Posted: 7/2/14

Heard any good Maine stories lately?


The Bert and I Story Swap and Tall Tales Competition will be held Friday afternoon, August 1, as part of this year’s Maine Lobster Festival, in Rockland, Maine. This Story Swap will feature skits, stories and humor in the Bert and I tradition, along with songs and music, interviews with Maine characters and skits by the Bert and I Players. Audiences are welcome and admission is part of the festival ticket.


Storytellers, liars, tellers of tall tales, amateur humorists, singer-song writers are all welcome to share a story—on stage. There’ll be cash awards of $50 for the Best Tall Tale, the Best Fisherman’s Lie, the Best New Song (about lobster fishing,) and the Best Bert and I Story retold. 


Have an original story, but too timid to tell it on stage? No problem. Email us your story and we’ll have the Bert and I Players perform it on stage for you. Have a humorous skit about lobster fishing, or living on the Maine coast? Send it along. We’ll perform it on stage as well.


The producers of Bert and I, Maine’s most famous storytellers, are looking for fresh stories and new voices for various projects, a new recording, a series of stage and radio shows to be held throughout Maine later this year. “We’re looking for characters, real and made-up, young and old, male and female, amateur and professional . . . people who can spin a good yarn as well as perform some of the original Bert and I material on stage,” writes David Lyman of Camden, a producer for Bert and I.  “This Story Swap at the Lobster Festival in Rockland, is the first of the live auditions we will be holding this summer to discover new stories and new voices.”


If you’re interested in participating visit Bert and I  at BertandI.ME for rules and how to register. Festival tickets are free for those who appear on stage.


Send us email: Auditions@BertandI.ME.  Tell us what you’d like to do, and send us a samples if you can. Give us your contact information, so we can call you.


See you at the Show. August 1 from 2 to 4 PM,  at the North Tent, the Maine Lobster Festival, Rockland, Maine. 


Photos and more information, contact: 

David Lyman


Bert and I Vaudeville Company

73 Mountain Street

Camden, ME 04843